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StumbleUpon - Where Have You Stumbled Lately?


Registered Member
A few months back I installed the StumbleUpon toolbar for Firefox.

It's turned out to be quite time consuming at times and entertaining to boot.

When you install the tool bar, it asks you to create a username and password. You then will have the option of selecting various topics from around the Internet that interest you (Humor, Photography, Technology) etc.

When you are bored and want to blow office productivity right out the window, just click on the Stumble button and it will take you to a random website from within one of your favorite categories. It's just that easy.

In fact, I think that's how I found out about Nurv!

It really works!

Where do you stumble?


Secret Agent
Staff member
Really? I wonder who stumbled us? :)

I used to have it installed but never reinstalled it after reloading my OS around 6 months ago. It was pretty cool from what I saw of it.

I think one of the bigger companies bought them out recently, but I can't remember who right now.