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Stuffed Animals


Lion Rampant

This fella is a Toasty Buffalo. He's filled with herbs so if you microwave him for a bit, he's like an aromatherapy pal for cold nights.
Like it. My plush bunny pal Turkman Balderheim is microwaveable, too. (His real name's TB, but that's kind of unflatteringly microbial, so I embellish.) He was given to me by a beautiful laydee as part of a running joke about hot water bottles.

I used to have this cat that was like.. 2 feet tall and had nipples, her name was Wanda.
For whatever reason, that went wham bam! straight into my long-term memory. I'll bet you're the only person in the world who's ever put that exact string of words together. In fact, I would rep you for if I could.
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Living on the 0th floor
I love stuffed animals, but I don't have many because There really isn't much I can do with them. I just don't have the room for more junk. My boyfriend got me a hippo while I was in the hospital, so I'll hold on to that for a while. I have a stuffed bee from when I was way younger.. and I have an elephant that has I guess styrofoam beads in it that I use when I have a migraine and can't lie my head on anything because it hurts too bad.


Problematic Shitlord
I have a stuffed Sonic the Hedgehog doll I basically lived for as a kid. I don't think I'll easily get rid of it.


The Instigator
I have tons of stuffed frogs! I collect any kind of frog, but most of the ones I get are stuffed animals. Haha. I love them all, but my favorite one is a gold frog that my mom got me.


Sally Twit
I wouldn't say I collect them as such but I have kept a lot from when I was a kid. I just need to look at one and it takes me back to a childhood memory. My favourite would be a stuffed cow I have that moos when you tip it.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I sleep with a stuffed pound puppy since I was 14yo.

I don't collect stuffed animals but since I have three kids, the stuffed toys just keep coming (all of them gifts). We gave away a big box a couple of years ago but it seems we've received twice as much since, haha.