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Fail Student Loans


Problematic Shitlord
Anyone else currently enslaved by their student loans?

I'm not going to lie, I really wish someone had talked me out of it. They are making my ability to finally move out nearly impossible with all the hits to my credit score and threats of judgments for nonpayment. I truly wish I could pay them but on top of my other bills I just can't justify it.

Anyone else have student loans? How did you slay these foul beasts?


No Custom Title Exists
I have to get student loan for University next year because I want individuality and not have my parents pay for everything that I do, just my way of paying THEM back I guess. If I do get into the course, I have to loan 4.5K for one year, and the course goes for four years so I guess it's not as much as some courses get, around 60K a year, so fuck that really.

I hope you can get yourself out of this tight situation Merc.


Creeping On You
I have 12k in student loans from 3 failed years at university. I make 100 dollar a month payments to keep the interest down, and keep them off my back. One of these days I'd love to win 10 grand in some lottery and just pay off a substantial chunk haha. I really wish I had never taken student loans to be honest. I should have worked a couple years THEN gone to school. Oh well, lessons learned I suppose.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I had student loans but I have already paid them all off...

I'm thinking my student loans weren't as expensive as most people because most people I know haven't paid them off yet haha


Registered Member
Join the Army! Travel the world, get paid to go to school, get student loans paid off.

I actually have sufficient money to pay for college anyway, but it's nice to earn $1000 per month just for going to school rather than paying money.


Son of Liberty
My student loans for my undergrad weren't too bad, I mostly paid for my school by working. I would pay my tuition in installments during the semester. It would eat up much of my paycheck but it was worth it in the long run. My law school loans are something else, I still owe a shitload. I refinanced the loan for 30 years so the payments are a little less than $300/month rather than $800. But it's going to take forever to pay that sucker off.


It's not me, it's you.
I don't have any student loans. I opted for not going to college vs. having debt from student loans. I have considered it before, but it's just difficult for me to want to further educate myself, when I make more money than a lot of graduates that I know.

After I had lost my job, I had considered going to a trade school to do medical billing, but their entry level salary was way below what I had already been making for the past several years. So after the schooling, it would have taken me at least 5 years of working in that field to get a comparable salary.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I had a student loan to pay off. It was rough and it was only $5,000. I don't see how people can take those loans for $50,000. Makes me wonder if a time is going to come when going to college just isn't worth it. That is if we haven't already reached it. I heard it can be cheaper to attend college in Canada even with paying the extra fee because you aren't a resident.