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I was thinking that this could be a decent place to pick a guy and name him either a stud or a dud. A guy like Steven Jackson is pretty polarizing, many feel as if he does not justify his top 5 ranking, while others think he is fantasy gold as long as he's upright and running. It's hard to define what makes them either a stud or dud, so in this instance I figure we will go with whether they justify their ADP. If that's not enough of a criteria, please name a statistically validated and more prominent threshold. I am guessing we should also say assume no injury, but if you think he is a dud because you legitimately feel he will be injured, please provide that information.

A list of guys to consider:

Steven Jackson
Brian Westbrook
Reggie Bush
Ocho Cinco
Braylon Edwards


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I'll briefly touch on the names you listed and whether or not I think they're a dud or a stud...

Steven Jackson: Big time stud if he can stay healthy. The Rams are going to run and run and run and run. He's one the best in the business...the guy gets hurt and still gets 1,000 yards a season.

LT: Still a stud...Rivers and Gates will push him. I think he'll have another very good season for San Diego.

Slaton: I'll say DUD...he had one good season and the Texans have a passing offense. Need to see more of him.

Brian Westbrook: He's a stud, no doubt about it. Again, is he healthy? If he is then he's a huge stud.

Reggie Bush: Has been mostly a dud in his career but I think he's still got something in the tank. I'll say stud for now.

Moreno: DUD until further notice. He was excellent in college but we havent seen him in the pros.

Barber: Seems to wear down pretty easy but I'll still say stud.

TO: Ahhh I just dont know about Owens...been a stud his whole career but he's Ill say dud because I hate him.

Ocho Cinco: He's a stud...annoying but a stud.

Braylon Edwards: DUD...screw this guy. He most have the worse hands in football
^ I agree basically 100% with the above post.

Braylon Edwards: DUD...screw this guy. He most have the worse hands in football
2007 he kept my fantasy team alive, and then in 2008 he destroyed me. Ha.

I'll be back with a bigger list at a later date.
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