Strippers VS Church Goers

Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by Babe_Ruth, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P. Politics - 411 Political Feedback: Strippers VS Church Goers

    Thought it was a real interesting column that might get some good discussion.

    The part that I find rediculous is this

    Leave them alone, just because they go to strip clubs doesn't make them bad people. I'm Catholic myself and I've been to a few of these establishments a few times. Does it make be a worst person? Of course it doesn't.

    I don't agree with the Strippers going in front of the Church and getting "revenge" on them. But the Church goers should of never been in front of the Strip Club in the first place.

  2. Oooh_snap

    Oooh_snap Living on the 0th floor V.I.P. Lifetime

    On a moral standpoint, I don't particularly agree with strip clubs, but I don't agree with exploiting the strippers or the people going to see them. I feel like taking videos of people entering or at least posting their license plates on the internet should be breaking a law of some form.

    I understand it isn't against the law to stand at the doors of the establishment, but it isn't something I would ever do. However, I think they got what was coming to them. You can only be bullied so much before you retaliate, which I'm not saying it was right of them to go stand in front of the church either, but I can't shame them for doing it.

    Hopefully they can get something settled between them.
  3. Ilus_Unistus

    Ilus_Unistus Registered Member

    Interesting story Babe Ruth!

    Personally for me, I do not see these clubs as "evil" or the women who work in them nor the men/women who go to them. It is a bit demeaning to women but if a woman wishes to do this to make a living who is the church to call her evil? It is just entertainment.

    I think the church got what it deserved.
  4. Bubbles

    Bubbles I ♥ Haters

    See, this article is the reason why I hate religion. Don’t get me wrong, religion itself is not a bad thing, but the people involved are just ridiculous and idiotic! These losers actually waste their time and stand infront of a strip club with picket signs and shaming and condemning people, rather than doing something meaningful with their pathetic lives. It’s not that I’m sympathizing with the strip club goers, its just that these morons do the exact opposite of what religion is really supposed to do. It’s always “Look at me, I’m a Christian and I’m better than you. I’ve been baptised and I know every verse of the Bible by heart. Believe what I say and do what I tell you to or you’re going to go to hell.” These jackasses make God look like an asshole. I’ll frank here, if Heaven is full of assholes, than I’d rather go to Hell. Fuck, I’ll even hold the door open.
  5. Andred373

    Andred373 Registered Member

    Religion is a set of man made rules that have nothing to do with God. People who are religious get their minds mixed up with a set of things that they think they must do in order to please God or ensure their ticket to heaven.
    Jesus spent a lot of his time with notorious sinners and had the religious folk on his back. Instead of condemning the 'sinners' he showed them compassion.
    Every weekend for four years with no results? Now that is religion at its best.
  6. AngelsPeak

    AngelsPeak Wanna play?


    "Lola, who wouldn't give her last name, said she was grateful for Braxton's prayers and his time."

    Perhaps they went about it the wrong way, but if one soul (Lola's) was saved, then I'd say the efforts paid off.
  7. CaptainObvious

    CaptainObvious Son of Liberty V.I.P.

    I disagree with this 100%. Going out of your way to videotape license plates and using bullhorns in front of places like this isn't very Christian to me.
  8. MenInTights

    MenInTights not a plastic bag

    Reminds me of when the town leaders brought an adulterer out to stone and Jesus wrote their sins on the ground and said let the person without sin cast the first stone. I went to McDonalds 3 times this week, I wouldn't want my license tag posted everywhere. (We just moved to a new house and I got 2 coupons for free coffee frappes)

    In the end, the person that showed the love of Christ may have made the most and only impact.
  9. Daemonic

    Daemonic Registered Member

    This is stupid, some girls may want to do this and others my need to in this economy to feed their child. It is also sad that the Abrahamic religions seem to have made the rules about the human body being filthy and something to be ashamed of. I dated a stripper, and would date a girl in the adult industry with no problem. I think it is hot and if they want to do it shows they are liberated. There are some girls that may not want to do it or are in a tough spot. Manipulating them into being ashamed of their bodies, feeling dirty, and turning to evangelism is makes me sick. Hopefully Lola didn't need the money to feed a baby. I would hate to see s child go hunger because of pastor bills proselytizing.
  10. MenInTights

    MenInTights not a plastic bag

    To the pastor's credit, he did tell the girls he would provide shelter, food and help pay for their bills.

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