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    From my understanding this is String Theory:

    The Purpose of String Theory is to provide a unification between the forces of Gravity and Electromagnetism

    Every atom is made up of tiny vibrating strands of energy called strings
    These may be circular (closed ends) or linear (open ends)

    The Standard Model has three forces (Electromagnetism, Strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force). that are explained by messenger particles.

    Einstein's laws say that the fabric of space can stretch or warp but the could not rip. But string Theorists say that it can rip, which would mean that wormholes are possible. Which would make teleportation possible.

    Ed Witten modified the theory and it has come to be known as "M-Theory"

    To make sense, M-Theory would need 11 dimensions, 1 dimension of time, and 10 dimensions of space; instead of 1 dimension of time, and 3 dimensions of space.

    Dimensions all have to do with the independent directions in which something can move. (degrees of freedom)

    The extra dimension that Witten added allows these strings to strech into membranes, and according to string theory the univers that we live in is on one membrane, and they think that there are many parallel membranes with different universes on them.

    String theory calculations predict that matter cannot escape from one membrane onto the other, but gravitons can. So theoretically we could be able to communicate with other universes with gravity signals.

    The problems with it is that there is no way to really test it.

    If you don't know anything about this and want to learn try this link
    NOVA | The Elegant Universe | PBS

    What do you guys think about this?
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    It's pretty interesting. Too bad it can't be verified in any way. >_<
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    It certainly is an interesting theory. The realm of physics this stuff lies in is pretty far-fetched. I can't imagine where they come up with stuff like this.
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    my opinion

    about my opinion,since this is to long,and to bring all of this to a repost this is to long,i wrote all my opinion,at 2.5 pages,and you can see this at icarus5 paper,but there are other question as well,that string dont answer about them.
    any way for who that like could see them at
    Icarus 5, Unlimited energy being produced at the outter edge of expanding space

    hope we will speak later if you like...

    cohen avshalom charly
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    Imagining the Tenth Dimension - A Book by Rob Bryanton

    Here's in a nutshell how one would conceptualize visually the ten spatial dimensions of M-theory. Please note that there are various different string theories which approach the idea of dimensions in varying ways.

    String theorists are the punchline of oh-so-many jokes between physicists because their theory, while impressive and complete, doesn't have anything in terms of empirical evidence. Thus string theory takes all the blank spaces in our conception of the universe and fills them with things that could feasibly work.

    Now these joking physicists are really attempting to cover up their own insecurities, because currently physics is at a point where they have a lot of fairly verified theories, none of which seem to mesh well into each other. General relativity doesn't work well with quantum physics, the three strong fundamental forces don't work well with gravity, and the whole nature of what makes up particles beneath protons, neutrons, and electrons is a mess of leptons, muons, bosons, all of which have different spins and charges. That mixed in with the imbalance between matter and's all so very complicated.

    So, we have one group that has a bunch of verified stuff that's rather unwieldy, and a bunch of guys who have a very smooth, sexy theory that up until now doesn't have anything to prove it. The traditional physicists are attempting to bring their sexy back, so to say, by building a large particle collider at CERN in central Europe in what is essientally a gigantic phallic symbol to cover their own emasculated states. Whether they end up finding the Higgs boson, which would help prove a great deal of their theories, or not, at least they have a plan for dealing with the issues of their theory, rather than the string theorists who just keep up coming with what is essientally philosophy passed off as math.
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    Sorry, you lost me at your first sentense of the thread.. *sheepish look*
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    You people are idiots. All this talk about ten dimensions is making the univers start to disappear.
  8. Doc

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    Let me get this right.. you're calling them idiots because they're discussing a theory that two of the most intelligent human beings to ever walk the planet have dedicated their lives to?
  9. ExpectantlyIronic

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    What does that even mean?
  10. Rapier

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    Good grief! Did you ever hear the term farce? :confused:
    If I called Einstein an idiot because he never figured out how to convert lead to gold would you think I believed he was an idiot?

    I was pointing out that the "e" in universe had been dropped (by typo) and that somehow the topic was making the universe disappear.

    The fear that we may be experimenting our way into oblivion is not exactly science fiction.

    Will the Hadron Collider destroy us?


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