Stress level at work

How's your stress level at work? In fact, have you had this experience where you do your best and does not complain or anything when it comes to all the tasks that have been assigned to you and then suddenly someone will tell you to "focus on your work" ? like you haven't been doing all that you can to do your tasks..
I'm pretty relax at my work. The only stress I get is on the body instead of the mind. It feels like I got hit by a bus after I leave work. :hah:

Err... yeah, no stress. Pretty chill environment.


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It depends, sometimes the stree level is really high, but most of the time, it's pretty laid back. But that's because I don't have many clients right now. I'm sure as soon as I get more, the stress level is only going to get higher.


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This wek has been INSANE stress-wise at work. I got to work from home today (the debate knocked off our 6p newscast) but still had too much to do - then our competitors creamed us on a really big story we didn't have advance word of and they did ($2 million jewelry/gold/silver theft and arrests) so... 5p brought MELTDOWN. So much so that I finally got back to GF after so much time spent hanging at... hmm, don't wanna get in trouble, will use the initials NV.
Sorry I've been gone, will try to visit more often, if only to relieve me STRESS!!!;)


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I dont really get to stressed at work,my boss is pretty laid back,there are only three of us,me,boss,bosses son.
The son gets stressed a lot,but has learnt over the years to scream at his old man,and not me,when things aint going the way he wants.
Dont mind getting screamed at by the boss when something has gone balls up,he is the boss after all,the son got told after the first flair up at me,that its not conductive to his health to blame me for his fuck ups!.


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I get pissed off because I'm the only one working in my department now and people expect me to be a miracle worker. My team of six have recently been made redundant but I've had an extension up until December. My colleagues (mainly sales staff) need to realise I am doing six peoples work now and I can't get everything done within 20 minutes. It's obvious to see I am the only person working in that department but they still continue to chase me up every second of the day.
I get stressed way too easy at work and it's obvious too because I often get asked if I'm alright. I'd love to shout at someone when they ask me that but I know it wouldn't go down too well.


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The stress level at my job varies from day to day. There are days like today where I'm all caught up and there is no new work or clients coming in, so I can just play around online for most of the day. In the middle of the week, though, it's constant activity. Sometimes I'm stuck covering for three people, and it can get a bit stressful, but I've found ways to stay relaxed. I handle each situation one at a time so that I'm not trying to do a million things at once. One of the biggest things to help me is just hopping online for a bit, even if it's just to read a couple of posts or send a message to a friend before going back to work. That short break from reality does wonders. People always ask how I stay so calm and focused.
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Stress at work is pretty mild. Everyone is awesome.

But my GM is a dick. I hate working with him... The other day this foreigner came in with his kids and ordered 3 large curly fries.

So I rang up/he paid for those curly fries.

Then says, "Oh, I only need two"

So I tell my GM, because that means the guy needs a refund. So my GM says, "I heard 2 large curly fries, you need to focus"

WTF He was by the fries, where the fryers, shake machine, and slicer make a lot of noise, so it's hard to hear from there. Near impossible especially from someone standing in front of the cash register.