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SEGA Streets of Rage


Registered Member
Anyone played Streets of Rage? I have GameTap, and it has the trilogy on Genesis. It's a cool beat-em-up game where an evil crime syndicate takes over a town, so 3 ex-cops decide to go out bash heads to stop the syndicate. It's very challenging, and in the sequels the gameplay changes a lot depending on who you play as. One is a kid with roller-blades, another a gigantic muscle-bound wrestler.


New Member
Streets of Rage=One of the greatest video game series ever made (right behind RE <3)

Skate is my most hated character. I can't stand him-at all. Axel is where it's at. Blaze is awesome too.


New Member
Yea Streets of Rage 1,2,3 are the best games from Sega. The first one was the first game i ever played on Sega since it was on the 6-pack with five other games.