Street Fighter 4


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Has anyone bought or play the new Street Fighter video game? I've played it over a friends house and I liked the new graphics and characters on there, plus everything is redone and updated, even the music is redone with an added remix. It's fun and brings back memories, but I think there was too much hype over this game.

It's fun and all, but to do the combination moved and special moves is a little harder and more complicated. Besides that, they played to commercials for it WAy too much, kind of got annoying.

I would give this game a 4 out of 5 though.



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Yeah too much hype. It's basically Street Fighter 2 turbo with new characters. Not even the characters from SF3 made it.
But it's good, though the 360 controller messes up the tight controls, it still works pretty good when you get used to it, and if you played the other SF games you pretty much know how to do every move in the game.

But it's worth a buy if you are a SF fan, and like to play online. :nod:
4 out of 5 from me too, but only because of fan service and nostalgia factor. :D


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got it when it came out. the graphics are solid and i like the new audio. the character selection is nice and i'm hearing rumblings of more characters being made available through downloads.

i need to pick up a madcatz controller cause the full circle d-pad is throwing me off. i'm used to playing turbo so the slower speed is something i'm adjusting too.

aside from a few abusive characters that were even programed by me abusive when controlled by the CPU, its a solid game.

4 out of 5 for sure, must buy for any owner of a 360.