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Strategy Guides: do you use them?


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i use strategy guides...only if the game is so hard that is makes me cuss.


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I wonder if "E.T." had a strategy guide?

1. Pause game, set down controller.
2. Smash head into nearest brick wall.
3. Rinse and repeat.


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Ive used them twice. Once on the Metroid on the SNES. And once for Zelda OOT finding all of the sidequests.

Now I use gamefaqs for cheats, secrets, specail moves, and if I get stuck in a hard place.


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It may sound weird, but I usually only like strategy guides for fun reading. I mean think about it. Back in the day they were useful. Back in the day, they told you everything you needed to know about the games that had more to them than just level/boss/level/boss. But with the increasing content and complexity of games these days, strategy guides can only go so far, and more often than not they're just reduced to advertising for the game and a display of graphic arts. So the instructional quality has severely diminished. Even if the strategy guides did try to keep up with the game, they couldnt because they'd either be super long, super boring, become a walkthrough, or some or all of the above. Guides are just general guides. Gamefaqs provides WALKTHROUGHS. So if you're going to use a guide to get information on beating a game, the best thing to do would be to bypass the guide completely and just read the gamefaq. But if you want to experience the game firsthand and just read the guide for general info and fun, then that's what guides are all about. That's why I like them. I wouldn't want one for every game, but with the big ones, I'd definately love to have the guide as well.


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i so,mmetimes use strategy guides, but only if its like free with a game. I got the halo 2 special edition at target and they gave me strategy guide for free. Otherwise, i do use gamefaq's occasionally.


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I never use Strategy Guides, but I do use GameFAQs a lot. But never to get help in a geme, though. I just read the guides for interesting stuff after I've already beaten the game. Plus I go on their boards frequently.


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i don't use strat guides, if i'm need of desperate help i just go on gamefaqs.

the only strat guides i've ever bought were for street fighter and star wars: knights of the old republic.
I used to have a lot of guides, not because the game was hard, but because I liked having the guide (like what vega said). I had one for Goldeneye, Perfect Dark (I used this one all the time to design scenarios), Star Fox 64, Mario Kat 64, and several others.


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hmmm.... you still need/want that GE and PD guide? An ex-friend held onto my GE guide and I've been looking for PD a long time now. Maybe I should check ebay. Wonder if its there or how much it's going for.....