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Strategy Guides: do you use them?


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Oh, I have never paid for one, I usually just google the bit I was stuck on, usually it is an ign guide that comes up and I use


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That's a pretty dumb statement, Albert. It's not hard at all to get used to the 3-D ones, and from experience I can tell you that they're a lot eaiser than the 2-D ones.

Gamefaqs has helped a lot with Zelda, even though I only used an overworld map to get through the first one. Most of my help for the second one is coming from Buckeye, but it's not too bad now that I've broken the learning curve. I bought a guide for Goldeneye before I had intenet, I couldn't beat the Control.


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Strategy guides are a waste of money if you have the internet. But I still (almost) never use that.

The only times I remember looking things up on the internet was in GTA: Vice City. I used a guide to find every hidden package and unlock all the stuff. I have that game like 94% complete.


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Yeah, I used a guide to find a lot of the hidden packages in the GTA games. It still took a really long time to get 100%. I can't imagine how long it would take without a guide.


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I don't really consider that using a guide though, because I still beat all the missions unassisted. As far as the story and plot of the game go, I discovered that all on my own, but finding the little packages is like an extra the programmers put in there. Anybody remember the cheese from Perfect Dark?


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I had a hard time getting used to the 3d in the fights, untill i figured that Z targeted.... And its not a dumb statement..


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Hi all..I only use the guides when I can go no farther in a game or I have beaten the game but still didn't find everything the game had hidden. BTW did you know that the guides are collectible?
I never use them. It is much more fun and satisfying to figure a game out entirely on your own. If I do get stuck and feel as though I really can't progress without some help though, that is when I will just refer to a FAQ. I really try not to, though, because I feel like I'm cheating if I do.