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Strategy Guides: do you use them?


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Here's something that I have a problem with...

Strategy guides!!

Why is it that every current game on the planet gets released with a strategy guide? Even games that really dont need them!

Back in the NES days, if you couldnt figure it out on your own, you were basically stuck, until you found someone who knew your answer or you called a gameplay help line.

Now, in the days of computers and the all-mighty internet, we gamers have a place online called gamefaqs, that lets us get information on a need to know basis... if we get stuck and all we have to do is search a FAQ and find our answers...

What are your thoughts on Strategy guides/gamefaqs?
Do you use them?


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Hey Samus do I know you?

Ahhh but back in the Nintendo days you could look stuff up online...well, assuming you had a computer in the early days. Or you waited for a kid to figure it out and teach you :D

I've only bought one in the last years. For The Sims and that was only to learn the fancy stuff. The basics I had down. Now if I could keep off the forums maybe I can play the new expansion pack that I've had since it came out and haven't opened yet......


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I use good 'ol GameFaqs. It's a good place to go, espeically since it's free. You've gotta admit, though, the owner must have some nice bandwidth charges.


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Yes gamefaqs has helped me thru a couple games. With things like gamefaqs theres really no reason to buy strategy guides unless you like the pretty pictures in them....


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Staff member
I own a few but don't generally use them. The only ones I bought are for games that were super hyped and I wanted to get any material I could before the game came out.


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I only glanced at one, for "WORLD OF WAR CRAFT" for PC. Never realy used them. Personaly I believe that Strategy Guides are usless and take away the fun of a game.


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The only one I've ever bought was for Ocarina of Time, just cause I loved the game so much. I only used it to find all the gold skulltulas though. Strategy guides ruin the purpose of playing the game. I only look for help if I've been stuck for a really long time or if I'm looking for secrets after I've already beaten the game.


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I never could play Zelda: OOT cause of the newly 3d thing.. It took me forever to get used to it.


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If I get stuck for more than an hour (sometimes 6 hours) I will use one


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Well, I have never bought one, ever. If I get stuck on a game, I stay stuck till I figure it out, even if it takes days, lol.

That's oldschool like the oldschool.