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Strange places to get naughty.


Registered Member
Name the strangest place you got naughty with someone? Also, name a place you have a fantasy about getting naughty with someone at.

My strangest places are a church parking lot and a wooden playhouse at a park. My fantasy place is randomly in a corn field or in a barn....


Any place outside home/hotel room is strange to me. I think naughtiness should be kept in private places.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
strange place - apartment building stairs (in front of doors of two neighbors); children's playground (came there to play, you could say)

fantasy place - confessional box (since we're already being sinful, might as well go all the way)



Babeasaurus Sex
Ooooh Belle you minx!

Strangest place...at work

Fantasy place - on a train, not the bathrooms or anything but like sat on the seat


Well-Known Member
Strangest place: Picnic bench outside a Marae (kinda like a Maori church)

Fantasy place: In public somewhere...like the middle of a street, or somewhere there are lots of people. Anyone ever seen Crank where they go at it in the middle of the street. Like that, but not so obvious.


Where is my Queen?
In the parking lot of a church was the weirdest place that I did the woo hoo at. (We were in the backseat of her car)


Well-Known Member
Strangest - on my friends basement floor where a party took place, and we were'nt the only ones sleeping on the floor. Now that was awekward!

Fantasy - In an office building/floor. Desk sex sounds thrilling ;)



A Darker Knight
no strange places for me yet. keeping it typical for now. haha

fantasies: in the shower and outdoors somewhere. the second will have to wait since it's like 30 degrees outside
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Registered Member
Strangest place : Blanket in a horse barn??

Fantasy : in the USA!!


Where is my Queen?
We get to name a fantasy of where...crap didn't answer that one yet. Just to make it fun I will name whom as well. Erin Andrews on the ESPN set.
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