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Strange collections???


,,l,, //_- ,,l,,
rail road spikes, skate board parts, o and pieces of metal (mostly alluminum)


Alfred :: Gotham Hero
I actually mentioned this one in my "bio" here hahaha

I've got a collection of Bayonets, huge collection, been doing it for probably the better part of 10 years now. I've got over 250 Bayonets that span from Revolutionary war Replicas, to 1 Authentic and a bunch of replica's from Civil war, to WW1 & 2 (those are primarily all authentic.. getting more in my price range), I've also got some used in Vietnam, Korea, and Desert Storm.

I'm not picky about what country they are from, mostly from the USA, but I've got tons of Swedish, Russian, German, and English versions. They are neat to have and even more fun to show people... you'd be amazed how a person looks at you after they've seen you've got more Blades than the nearest Armory.

Oh and living in California makes this hobby very difficult! I've had to really cut some close corners to get most of them shipped to my house. Fortunately I've never gotten busted for that one yet ;)
Just so i know im right, the bayonet is the knife on the end of a gun, right?


Son of Liberty
you are correct sir! I actually picked up the hobby as a joke. One christmas I ended up getting about 6 or 7 different knives. I cracked the comment "well jeeze Ive got all the knives I'll ever need, now if only I had a bayonet". Needless to say that next march (my bday) I ended up with nothing but bayonets, soap stones, and gift cards. Man I had a twisted childhood.


Alfred :: Gotham Hero
lol thats quite funny.


Registered Member
I collect dirt from places that i think are special lol. I have some from PEI, Nova Scotia, a campground near Lake Eerie, and Arizona :D.
I also collect pop bottles, but not just ANY pop bottles. You know that soda, Jones? They have awesome labels where you send in a photograph and if they like it they'll put it on their label. I thought that was interesting so i started collecting them. What's funny is that I actually really don't like the drink :lol:.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I have random glasses and bottles that wouldn't mean much to other people.
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