Stoudemire To Start On Wednesday



Amare Stoudemire will make his first start of the season on Wednesday, as they face the Spurs.

"Eventually he's going to start anyway, so we might as well get going and get our rotation down and try to do what we're going to do," Mike D'Antoni said. "We're going to try everything to get him jump-started. If he's more comfortable that way, gets some adrenaline going, then we'll try it. We're going to try everything until we hit on the right solution."

"I think the decision was something Coach D'Antoni made on his own judgment," said Stoudemire. "I'm just happy to be back out there with these guys and I'm ready to get off on the right track. I think being out there with the first group is always great. I think it's going to help us as a team, just that energy and effort I try to bring."

I would love to see Amare come back. I remember watching him, dominate every night and posterizing people every night, and i would love to see him reach that standard again. This should also boost his confidence and show that the team is behind him. Thoughts?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
We all knew it was going to happen. Did I think it was going to happen this fast? No not really. But it's kinda smart because if he gets a monster game against the San Antoni Spurs then he can shut is credicts up and his confidence will go threw the roof. I look for Amare to have a 20 and 10 game. Because he always comes up big against the Spurs.