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Story Idea


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I've come up with some interesting ideas for a story. The story would have something to do with this marble with a key hole on it and then there is the key for it. And when you unlock the marble the marble floats in the air and creates this hollographic menu system lets you pick from these portals and the portals takes you to the these realms or lands you could say. And the marble comes with some default realms built into it.

These realms or lands are generally speaking kinda small. One of them is a wheat field and a small town its always autumn/fall there. One of them is a Mountain and on top of the mountain is a Log Cabin and its always winter there. The owner of the marble is allowed to create and design one realm for themselves using the hollographic menu system. The current Universe the marble is in it is the only one. The marble was created in a parallel universe with advanced technology. The realms are all inside the marble of course. After someone enters one of the realms the marble falls to the ground and acts like a normal marble. If the key is left inside one of the realms with no one in that realm the marble will eject the key to the ground.

The inventor of the marble worked for the prime minster's research and
development lab and there was a major war going on and the country that
the inventor sided with was losing. So she had her android assistant
to send the marble to another parallel universe in hope that just one of
her inventions could be used for peace.

The inventor's name is: xue
android assistant's name is: xiu

the inventor has black hair and brown eyes and the android has blonde hair
and brown eyes

When the marble is transported it lands behind and old wooden shack.
The key is transported after the marble and because there is so much chaos going on
in the inventor's universe the key doesn't land in the same place the marble does
the key lands at the bottom of a lake. The lake is near the old wooden shack though.
The key looks like a skeleton key and is made out of nanodiamond. The marble appears
to be made out of glass the key hole has an engraved gold plate on it.

Thats pretty much all I got so far. I'm not sure if I'll actually make this into a story or not its just something I thought up.
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Don't stop now! That could easily evolve into an epic adventure. Each realm could have a hidden vital clue that leads to a discovery and that could lead to a final and (maybe) perfect realm(?) If you add conflicts in the different realms and create a really cool main character... maybe even someone who is connected to the parallel universe but only slowly discovers his connection(?) Just a thought.


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That sounds like a fantastic idea for a story.


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Ok I'll keep working on it then. There for a while I got no replies so I figured it was a bad idea or to out there.


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Ok I'll keep working on it then. There for a while I got no replies so I figured it was a bad idea or to out there.
Bad idea!?!?! It's a totally awesome idea! :D I'll be watching this thread and waiting to hear more! I love reading, especially fantasy and sci-fi!

Btw, I didn't even know there was a writer's section in the forum till last Friday. This is def sweet! :cool:
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I know its been a while, but I finally got back into the writing mood again.
So here is a short update to my story.

The Thief wears a black and white bandana that covers up part of his face. The Thief finds the marble and he carries it in a fine
black velvet bag.

The Thief has a girlfriend and she is very beautiful. She is also very scared that someone may try to kill him.

A small snippet of what I want the story to also include:

The Thief walks into this very old town and he is very tired.
This blonde headed 7 year old boy sees him and notices he is a stranger.
The boy begs him to go with him to this bar his mother works at.
After a while the thief goes along with the boy.

The boy brings him in the bar and tells his mother about him.
The mother apologies for the boy for bugging the thief and then
asks him if he wants a drink. He says yes and so the mother pours him
a small cup of the plum sake that the mother's family makes together.
The plum sake is clear and has a very smooth taste.

The bar is small and its pretty full of people. The majority of the people in the bar are elderly folk. When the theif comes to town it is late fall and its quite cold outside.

The inventor and the android are a couple.
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I love reading and there just aren't many books that use the kind of great imagination you have. Dude, I couldn't think up an idea that epic!
I will def buy a copy of that book when you finish it. :nod:
Keep up the awesome work!


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wow, that's a great story man!

I'll be keeping a close eye on this thread, I really don't want to miss anything :D


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Adding a voice to the approval, here -- this sounds great! Best of luck writing it, I know how hard getting words on paper can be. ;D

ETA: Whoa, just noticed how old this thread is (that's what I get for not paying attention fully when I'm clicking through the new posts). Wonder if anything ever came of this?
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I hope so, but it seems as if Kanji hasn't been back here for some time. I'd really like to know how it's progressing.