Stories of.. not-so-great athletes


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Found this on the wiki..

Lee Todd is an English amateur footballer for Cross Farm Park Celtic. He is noted for being in the Guinness Book of World Records for the quickest sending off in a football match, being sent off in one match within two seconds of it starting.

Todd was playing as a striker for Cross Farm Park Celtic against Taunton East Reach Wanderers, away from home in October 2000. The referee for the match, Pete Kearle, was standing directly behind Todd when he blew his whistle to kick-off the match. Todd was unaware that Kearle was behind him and was therefore surprised by how loud the whistle was.
He then stuck his fingers into both of his ears and exclaimed, "Fuck me, that was loud!" Kearle promptly gave Todd a straight red card within two seconds of the match having started for using "foul and abusive language". Despite the sending off, Cross Farm Park Celtic still went on to beat Taunton East Reach Wanderers 11–2.

Todd was also fined £27 and banned from playing for 35 days, although he appealed to the Football Association against the decision. Todd said that, "I wasn't swearing at the ref or anyone else. I was just muttering to myself. He nearly blew my ear off. Football is a man's game and players swear all the time but I was off the pitch before the match even began."
The manager of Cross Farm Park Celtic supported Todd saying, "Players should be sent off for swearing at the ref or a player but referees are supposed to use a bit of common sense."
Do you know any other athletes that will always be remembered, not for being the top of the notch, but because of that one special story?
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Peter Buckley the worlds worst boxer

This guy was named the worlds worst boxer by British press,and i can see why.
He turned pro in 89
His record is 300 fights,32 wins,12 draws,256 losses.
He did go out on a high by winning his 300th bout,his first win in a five YEAR losing streak.

I really cant understand how this guy was getting fights after so many losses,unless he was just used as a warm up man for other fighters.