Stores that might not see 2011


Son of Liberty
I know when I see these articles... I really dont care about the mumbo jumbo of why, I just wanna see the darn list! :hah: So why put you guys through the trouble of having to wait right?

Ritz Camera
2009 Store closures: 365

Outlook: Almost half the company's stores have shut down following a bankruptcy last year. The company has since been bought by private investors who continue to operate 375 stores as Ritz Camera & Imaging.

2009 Store closures: 110 (Q4 2008 to Q3 2009)

Outook: continues to wreak havoc on traditional booksellers. The Borders unit says it will close an estimated 240 stores during the three months ending January 31, for a total of 350 stores over the past 13 months, close to 70 percent of all outlets. Retail analysts at Davidowitz & Associates give Borders Group, plagued with losses three years running, a 50-50 chance of survival.

2009 store closures: 300

Outlook: Part of a two-year plan to close 960 stores, about 13 percent of Blockbuster's 7,100 locations in the Americas. The company is trying to reformulate with kiosks and on-demand services that focus on hot new releases, but experts say the costs associated with the transformation will be too expensive to pull off without a bankruptcy. Shares have plunged from $10 to under a dollar a share since 2005.

Movie Gallery (Includes Game Crazy and Hollywood Video)

2009 store closures: 450

Outlook: Faces the same problem as Blockbuster: a shrinking market for store-based movie rentals. Another 170 closings are planned for 2010. Some recent news reports say it may be as many as 1,000. Unlikely to avoid a chapter 11 filing.

Zale Corp.
Fiscal 2009 Store closures: 218

Outlook: Jewelry has been hit very hard by the recession, with an estimated 2,000 stores closing last year throughout the industry. No official word on additional closings in 2010.

Jones Apparel Group
2009 Store closures: 69

Outlook: The company plans another 196 closures this year for a two-year total of 265. But with a rising shoe business and numerous off-mall outlet locations, the company figures to continue its recovery from the stock price plunge of late-2008 to mid-2009.

2009 Store closures: 566 (fiscal 2009, 12 months ended Sept. 27)

Outlook: Last year's cuts were part of plan to close 800 stores over two years, or about 10% of the total. Starbucks is ridding itself of excess and is poised to face an economic recovery with a stronger balance sheet.

KB Toys
2009 Store closures: 461

Outlook: Poor. Another mall-based Wal-Mart. Around since 1922, the company filed for bankruptcy in December 2008. It just stopped honoring gift cards this month.

Circuit City

2009 Store closures: 567

Outlook: None. Sayonara to a onetime consumer electronics staple, squeezed out between Wal-Mart's low prices and Best Buy's superior locations and service.

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Alot of those I'm not surprised at all, especially circuit city and the movie rental places. What with online rental so much easier and becoming the preference of Gamers everywhere (yes I'm saying its our fault) Im not surprised in the slightest that Blockbuster will be cutting back.

And Starbucks... heh, I dont see them leaving anytime soon. Just scaling back for sure. I mean when you can go to a mall and have 4-6 starbucks kiosks or locations within walking distance... you know theres been over expansion :hah:

So what are your thoughts on these projections? DO you think they are an accurate guesstimate? Will you be affected by any of these possible cutbacks?