Stores that might not see 2011

Discussion in 'Shopping' started by icegoat63, Jan 25, 2010.

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    I know when I see these articles... I really dont care about the mumbo jumbo of why, I just wanna see the darn list! :hah: So why put you guys through the trouble of having to wait right?

    Alot of those I'm not surprised at all, especially circuit city and the movie rental places. What with online rental so much easier and becoming the preference of Gamers everywhere (yes I'm saying its our fault) Im not surprised in the slightest that Blockbuster will be cutting back.

    And Starbucks... heh, I dont see them leaving anytime soon. Just scaling back for sure. I mean when you can go to a mall and have 4-6 starbucks kiosks or locations within walking distance... you know theres been over expansion :hah:

    So what are your thoughts on these projections? DO you think they are an accurate guesstimate? Will you be affected by any of these possible cutbacks?

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    Meh, there's always Video Ezy haha.

    ATARIGUY Beermister

    IMHO Kmart will be non existent by 2011, they keep closing more and more of them so there can't be many left.

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