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Store Wars


Secret Agent
Staff member
This is a hilarious Star Wars spoof movie I found.


It's extremely well done! Take a look. :)


not a plastic bag
:lol: There are some funny videos on that site. Some kinda weird videos too. I wouldn't recommend viewing them at work unless you have a secure office.:nervous:


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Staff member
I didn't check out any of the other videos there except for this other one that a friend sent me:

http://www.wimp.com/ninjas/ This one makes me want to learn martial arts..


Registered Member
That guy is amazing in the street ninja video. I am sure he is on a first name basis with mall security guards :lol:


Registered User
Those two videos were freaky awesome. The Store Wars is funny. and the other one makes me wish I could walk again. It is pretty cool.


Well-Known Member
Store wars is pretty cool, but the ninja one obviously took some real skill, those guys must be really really strong in order to do that many flips in a row.