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well I thought I had Punkbuster fixed...but last night while I was playing Call of Duty 4 it started kicking me again...I am so pissed...and from what I'm reading on many different forums it seems that lots of people are having the exact same problems..I have also recently come to the conclusion that no one has found a fix yet....

I see lots of guys telling people to re-install it, manually update it, place the folder in the game folder, turn off all their virus software, open new ports in their firewalls, or turn off their firewall altogether, open new ports in their router firewall....blah….blah….blah
....I have tried all of those things....nothing has worked. Which leads me, inexorably to the following conclusion...it is not my computer, or my computers configuration which is at fault, but rather a crappy incomplete design of the Punkbuster Software itself.

I am seeing more game servers newly created, or modified which are not using Punkbuster at all. One of the reasons for this is that Punkbuster seems to have a laissez faire attitude about the whole thing. I've read so many accounts of frustrated and pissed off people, who've spent lots of money on their game systems and games, only to be denied the ability to play their game by a software which they neither decided to purchase or wanted to own. Kind of like our own damn government. One of the main complaints is that nobody at Punkbuster seems to give a damn, they are not answering people, or talking to people. It seems to me, and many, many others, that Punkbuster will go the way of the Dodo bird and become extinct, if they do not make their software seamless and invisible, working in the background, silently and efficiently. It should not be a software that should be noticed, it should operate without our even knowing it exists. Instead we all have to spend HOURS working to make the thing work.....

Why the hell should we have to do ANY WORK at all…I didn't buy the GD software…I don't want the GD software…and when you ask them for assistance or read their GD website they recommend all the ways you should reconfigure the software or adjust your ports, or do this or do that. Here's a novel approach, and my humble solution………everybody delete the GD software, clean it off our servers…….and lets get back to playing games. If you are an administrator of a server, here's what you do.....go old school and kick people who cheat...yourself…don't trust your server to some bullcrap faulty software that doesn't work and just pisses people off and keeps them from playing. I for one will work on creating my own server, just the way I want it....and you can be sure...there will be no friggin Punkbuster anywhere near my server.


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I have had problems with punkbuster many times while playing games. I hate it, but it dose stop cheating, so I tend to put up with it.


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Half the time, it still runs in the background after you've exited the game. It's really annoying and ruins the gaming experience all together.
I play bf2, and when PB fails I play servers without it, and they are FULL of CHEATERS. It is really annoying so I have to restart my pc a few times before its starts to work. So yeah, PB sucks.