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Movies Stone


YouTube - Stone - Official Trailer [HD]

I saw the trailer for this while watching Let Me In & thought it looked worth a rental. Norton and DeNiro are almost always good in everything they appear in. I HATE Jovoich, but she looks pretty hot in this and can her awfulness really overpower the other two actors awesomeness? Only time will tell. Haha. I'm going to go watch it now.

Anyone else seen it?


I'm serious
What have you got against Milla? :lol:

Looks pretty good. I'd like to see it. Let us know what you thought after you've watched it.


I'll admit, she was super hot in this. I guess I only hate her in the Resident Evil movies. A convict's slutty wife is a much better role for her than a superhuman zombie killer. :lol:

As for the movie, it was okay, nothing great. The main cast was good but I didn't care for the ending. I would've rather seen it taken in a different direction.