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Stone Cold Steve Austin


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Every five days or so, I will feature a new wrestler. This wrestler could be retired or still wrestling today. I will ask a few questions. Our next featured wrestler will be Stone Cold Steve Austin Some featured wrestlers may have more questions than others.

1. Favourite match?

2. Best attributes?

3. Worst attributes?

4. Biggest rival?

5. Favourite promo.


Registered Member
1. My favourite match is the Submission Match at Wrestlemania 13 against Bret. I was watching it again yesterday and it most definitely was the match that begin Austin's ascension to the main event. That iconic image of Austin bleeding & screaming in pain while in the Sharpshooter is one engraved in every wrestling fan's mind.

2. Best attributes are most definitely his brawling ability and his mic skills. Austin could brawl with the best of 'em.

3. For his worst attributes....not that he doesn't have any flaws but it's just hard for me to point out any flaws. If anything, I'd say that maybe he should've been more able to showcase his technical abilities because Austin was a GREAT technical wrestler. Just look at his matches in WCW from 1991 to 1994, mostly with Ricky Steamboat. Very very good stuff.

4. The natural thing would be to say Mr. McMahon but inside the ring, it's The Rock, no question about it. Wrestlemania XV is still one of my favorite matches to this day and the buildup towards that match was plain awesome with the beer bath and the Pager 3:16 angle, among others.

5. My favourite promo...obviously the Austin 3:16 promo from King of the Ring 1996. Where everything really began.