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Steve Austin appeared at Planet Hollywood in New York City today to donate the prison collar he wears in The Condemned to the restaurant for display.

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Austin will be appearing on Regis & Kelly on Friday morning on ABC.

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Steve Austin appeared on The Howard Stern Radio Show today. The following recap is by Jagger K of

- Howard promoted his upcoming segment by saying he hears Steve was married and divorced again and that he should have listened to Howard years ago and that Austin is a loser at love.

- Howard said he actually enjoyed the movie Condemned and said that Steve is allowed to be "Stone Cold" again because he is working with Vince.

- Howard kidded that he was surprised the movie looked good because he felt Vince knew nothing about films but this film was all action & worked.

- Steve Austin said this character is closest to his real personality.

- Howard discussed Steve's love life and Steve said he couldn't talk about his last relationship due to legal issues.

- Austin said the script came to him first and he was the one that brought it to Vince McMahon.

- They discussed Steve's on/off relationship with Vince and that he left over creative decisions on RAW.

- They discussed Austin's love of hunting and that while hunting Jim Ross contacting him and that opened the door to his return.

- The budget on the film was only 20 million but looks much better.

- Steve said Vince has always be straight when it came to money and that Vince never lied and pays everyone what they are worth.

- Discussed Steve's new girlfriend and after three marriages he should slow down and just date because his girlfriend seems to have moved in (Steve denied she moved in fully).

- Howard asked Steve if he hated Hulk Hogan Steve said he did not hate Hogan but felt the match would suck because of Hogan's style being non aggressive and Steve said he would need to win if that match would ever happen.

- Austin brought up TNA and discussed whatever Hogan is doing and said that he doesn't think anybody is competition to Vince but thinks competition is good for the industry.

- Austin's new girlfriend is a Special Education Teacher and is a few years younger than him.

- Discussed his three divorces and that Steve said he finally found the right woman and met her at the gym, Robin mention to try a church next time instead and he'd find a different woman.

- Discussed the fact that promoting the film is harder than shooting for Steve because he has not seen a gym in a month.

- Discussed The Rock. Austin said he has not heard from him in years and has no idea what he is up to. Steve said he doubts he'd play a "gay character" like Rock did and that Steve wants to be an action hero and does not care if he is typecast.

- Howard predicted this film would do well between US box office, foreign & DVD.

- Eric The Midget called and asked Steve if he will be part of WWE TV/PPV's and said he has a long-term deal but won't ever be a regular again. He said he "might" be at Wrestlemania 24 because its a huge event.

- Austin put over Ken Kennedy as a great talker and up and comer,

- A caller confused Debra with Sable and asked Austin if Brock Lesnar was living with his ex..

- Discussed rumors that Vince McMahon is a homosexual and Austin said he is "straight as can be".

- The Condemned took 4 months to film.

- A caller asked Austin if he was pissed at how bad Trump took the stunner at Wrestlemania. Austin he said he liked Trump and that Trump taking the stunner was more than he had to and it was fine.

- Howard confirmed the news that Vince wanted Howard involved in a match and offered him a lot of money for Wrestlemania 20.

- Discussed Kanyon and Steve said he had no idea he was gay until DDP told him.

- A discussion of the promoting of the movie and that he has no idea where he is scheduled to be and where except he knew he wanted to be on Stern.

- Vince never appeared on the set and that the set had no star attitudes.

- Discussed the possibility of this movie bombing and Vince releasing Steve from the other 2 movies in his deal and Steve said he is "proud of the sumb***h" and feels confident.

- Robin asked if the other two movies did well and Steve said he did not know numbers but knew John Cena "kicked ass" in DVD rentals and was number 1 several weeks. Howard confirmed that that was true and is where the money is for action films.

- They wished Steve and Vince luck and put them both over as well as The Condemned.
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