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What has been stolen from you that angered you the most? I had my previous DS stolen a few months ago at school while I was at home. It was upstairs on my bathroom sink and someone just swiped it. The worst part is that it seemed like none of my housemates cared. None at all.

I was so pissed for like, a solid week.
I use to go all out decorating my house for Halloween. I made many of my own props including a giant spider, witches with carved faces, painted backdrops. It was incredible and drew a ton of traffic each year.
One morning I woke up and opened the blinds to see that most of it had been stolen. Someone actually cut through the chains to get the stuff.:(
My brother took a disc from me that had some important info on it and I was ready to punch him in his face. Turned out he decided to hide it from me in his drawer.


Endangered Species
I had my backpack stolen, the last time I remember having it was in Millau, France. I drove all the way home(UK) before realising I no longer had it, I don't know where or when it disappeared it could of been at a number of places but I was really really tired and my memory failed me.

What angered me was my stupidity in being tired and the kick in the guts realizing that my £300 ($600) camera was in the bag, and to make it worse the objects of no monetary value; the SD cards with a few hundred photos from the previous few weeks. :(
My entire purse was stolen in HS once- had cellphone, digi cam, Ipod, and just over 100 bucks stolen out of it by the time I got it back. (I was going to spend the night @ a friends house- go to cedar point that weekend)

That pissed me off immensely for quite a while.


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Not necessarily for the monetary value, but for the privacy factor, I had a whole ton of lingerie stolen out of my dresser drawer one day. We are 99.9% certain who did it and luckily that neighbor moved shortly after (it was in a condo, and the condo directly across from ours had it happen to them too). He literally sat watching for us to leave and would try the door when we did and I just happened to leave it unlocked when we went out for a quick walk one day. Still thinking about it I feel violated.

I think that's really the only thing I've ever had stolen before.
Wow Kiwi, I would be pretty angry if that happened.

The worst for me was at Tabor. Half-way through the first semester my computer was stolen about 300 dollars worth of CD's, DvD's and video games were stolen and they bashed my ps 2 and xbox to pieces. The thing that really bugged me was the computer because of everything it had on it. I lost over 10 gb's of pictures, 80 pages of a story I was writing, 50 gb's of music. I was not a happy camper.


Certified Shitlord
Never found the culprits, Sui? Yeah I'd be homicidal. Seriously, I'm not even being sarcastic I'd be so angry if that happened to me.