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Stolen Tags


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I went to my uncle's place for dinner earlier tonight. I parked behind his car and I saw that his tags was expired 3 years ago. The car use to be mines and I knew that wasn't right because I put the 2007 tags on myself and it was on there pretty good when I had it. I told my uncle about it so that he doesn't get pulled over for expired tags. Some thieves stole the tag so I am posting this to tell everyone to check the tags on their vehicle.


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Nice heads up. I'll check mine next chance I get but I'm pretty sure I'm good right now.

That's pretty annoying though. I have a clear plastic plate that goes over my real plates so most people wouldn't find it worth their time to steal my tags since they'd have to have a screwdriver to do so.


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Yea, thank you for bringing that up. Though i live in a little town, I have a good bit of people around that dont like me and would be petty enough to do something like that. Did you have your uncle report the incident to the DMV?


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Did your uncle have full coverage on his vehicle? Most states consider tags to be part of the autos equipment which means that theft would be covered under the comprehensive portion, minus the deductible.
My tabs cost $183 I have a $50 comp deductible (comp claims do not go against you) so heck yes, I'd be making a claim.;)


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Thanks for the heads up on that. I will make sure to always check them when I get in and out of the van. Course we park it in a garage alot too.


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Wow thanks for the heads up. Im defiantly goint to check my tabs as soon as i leave this morning. BTW how much are tags that someone would steal them? That just seems dumb to me


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I don't know. People just like being assholes. My car got egged a couple weeks ago by some random teenagers. Not only did they not get any money for it, they had to pay for the eggs (probably took them from their parents' fridge though).