Stojakovic, Divac Help Serbs


Aw, Here It Goes!
"Some of Serbia's hospitals still are struggling to get the medical equipment they need, more than a decade after warfare tore Yugoslavia apart," writes Angela Woodall of the TRI-VALLEY HERALD in California. "That is why the Niles Rotary Club is lending a helping hand by hosting the Majestic Evening of Hope fundraiser tonight at the Fremont Marriott. The club is getting a boost from some high-profile figures: NBA all-stars Peja Stojakovic and Vlade Divac; Kenneth Behring, founder of Blackhawk and the Wheelchair Foundation; and Prince Alexander and Princess Katherine of Serbia, whose titles are honorary."


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Thats what i call a True Serb

They are the best serbs and should get some awards
They support their people and they know that serbs are gonna support them
I am happy to see some NBA stars helping serbs


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What the heck is ur problem about the serbs
I can see ur a racist


They decided to help their country and maybe others next time


It's great they decided to help their country i'm going to do the same thing when get enough money head over to africa and help my people.