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Stock trading thread


not a plastic bag
In the Bitcoin thread I mentioned I bought shares of HMNY at a bargain and was looking to unload them at $30 in February. That target came a lot sooner than I thought and I've already sold them and moved on.
So, wanted to start a thread where I keep up with my trades. Most of my trades are just for fun, lose or gain $20. Some like the HMNY was for real money and I was really lucky with that one.

For anyone that wants to play along and share their trades please do. Also if you've never done this, I can show you how to do it with real money out spending a dime.
Step 1: Get a link from someone using robinhood. This is mine: There's A Free Stock Waiting For You NettyBell has one too.
Step 2: After registering you will get a free stock. You don't have to connect your bank account or credit card to get it. They will give you a share of stock worth about $5.
Step 3: In 3 days you can sell that stock and start buying whatever you want with 0 commission.

At $5, its nothing but fun but that's ok. You'll learn a lot and still get the thrill of getting a stock right.

**Edit: Actually 1 out of 90 people get fb stock worth $175!! Good luck

Anyway, my trade today was for HIIQ. I heard Trump made changes to ObamaCare and searched for companies that would benefit with the new rules. Don't know much about them right now but the fundamentals looked good. They make money without a ton of debt. Bought for $18.45. Plan on holding for a week to see if momentum moves it. Generally don't like healtcare stocks and will be getting out by end of next week prob.


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I'm surprised this thread hasn't gotten more traction, since free stock is free stock. I hope you've racked up some freebies through your affiliate link. I've been a fan of Robinhood for a long time.

What do you think about investing in Twitter now for a possible big payout later? I know Twitter itself isn't doing a good job of earning money, but that's why the stock is dirt cheap and it's a tried and true social media platform with a heavy cult following. I can see it getting bought out in the future. Amazon wasn't earning big bucks when I grabbed my first stock in it either. I believe it was their cloud computing that first pushed Amazon into financial success. Is Twitter likely to follow a similar pattern?