Stock in FC where do you stand?


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Where you stock stands. This only takes into account the past 2 months roughly

Everyone is assume to start at Zero points and take into account this was not retroactive (for example alex has been my bro at FC for awhile but it doenst mean his stock has gone up)

Anyways on Swiftstrikes Stock Exchange (0s indicate no change)

Pugz +2 pts
(total 3)

Kyo -3 pts (total 3)

Himeko +3 pts
(total 3)

Alex 0 (total 0)

Nos +5 (total 5)

Shwa +2 (total 2)

Kaz -2 (total -2)

Hoosier +1
(total 1)

Corona -3 (total -3)

Vegito + 3 (total 3)

andrew bishop 0 (total 0)

Fresh +1
(total 1)

Jeanie +4
(total 4)

Flyhigher +1
(total 1)

Zanthraz -1 (total -1)

tipsycatlover -10
(total -10)

Omega +4 (total 4)

MJ +1 (total 1)

Merc/Constantine +1 (total 1)

oxymoron -1
(total -1)

Mal -2 (total -2)

Hanzo H -2 (total -2)

Clear Note +5 (total 5)

natnsoxfan +2 (total 2)

Hinata -5
(total 5)

pro2A +3 (total 3)

Vincent Valentine +4 (total 4)

Sui Generis +1 (total 1)

Wylde 0 (total 0)

Any members I forgot you can request to be put on the list next time I do this, which will be whenever I am really bored at work.

It appears in general most of the stocks went up. We will probably see steady progress over the next few weeks with Merc and MJ they are pretty reliable investments. While tipsy is heading no where fast and I advise a sell. Though alot of stocks took a dip for the Pyong scandal we should see a bounce back soon enough. Market factors indicate that small members like natnsox and clearnote could turn into big buys. With the price of oil being unstable we could see corona's stock spike alot.

Edit: Swiftstrike is not responsible for his opinions or beliefss nor the actions of others which alter said opinions or beliefs.

Sidenote: Bolded stocks are recently added. Sorry to have forgotten some stocks seriously I didnt think the lsit would be too


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New York Stock exchange for example:

IF your stock is up that means your getting awhole lot of money coming your way, in this case though it's the favor and liking of Swift that you get.

If it's negative then your losing money...and fast, and in this case your losing like or favor from Swift.

You got +4 Jeanie so your good.