Stimulus Projects Under Budget


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And that's why I appointed a proven and aggressive inspector general to root out waste and fraud. That's why we created a website called, so you can see exactly where your tax dollars are going, and soon you'll be able to click on the transportation section and track the progress of every project underway.
And that's why I'm pleased to hear that in state after state across America, competition for these projects is so fierce, and contractors are doing such a good job cutting costs, that projects are consistently coming in under budget. The final bid for one road project in Connecticut was $8.4 million less than the state budgeted for. Another one in Louisiana was $4.7 million less. A project at BWI Airport will be completed for $8 million less than expected. Bids for projects in North Carolina have been 19 percent under budget. Colorado is reporting bids up to 30 percent less than they expected. And the officials in California have seen bids that are close to half as much as they had projected.
The White House - Press Office - Remarks by the President and Vice President at the Department of Transportation

Yay revitalizing the economy on the cheap!