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Still Talk/Hang Out With Old Co-Workers?


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So we all make some friends here and there with our own professions, and yeah we go out with some of them just to shoot the breeze or talk about the stress' of work. I'd like to know from other members, if you get a new job, do you still talk or hang out with your old co-workers? I still do from my last CNA job, made two of my most awesome lady friends there and I still hang out with people from the bar I use to work at, or at least hang out with the ones worth hanging out with.

Do you still stay connected or do you feel like those are the friends that are just work related for the most part? Just pondering :3



Registered Member
Yep, I do! With one it was a friendship that continued to grow after I had left. For a long time we got together for suchi and a movie. Now I mostly go to her horse shows. Another was my boss that than later hired me as a consultant. We're also friends and since she also owns a local pub, I see her there. At a long ago company, a friend I knew from when we use to bike ride and go dancing in '86-88 found me on FB and we now see each other every month to play Bunco. She recently took me to a nice birthday lunch. I am in touch over email with a man friend as well. He and I were on task teams, and used to car pool to work. The most interesting thing about him!!! His father-in-law is one of the men on that hijacked yaght killed by the Somalia pirates.


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One of my co-workers from my last job at Sears had gone to school with me before his family moved, so we reconnected and still hang out a lot. Another of my friends from Sears I still hang out with once in a while. I'd be willing to do more stuff, but we have to almost drag him to get him to do anything.

I don't think I really made other friends at other jobs I've had. I wasn't at any of those jobs very long (I've been in the Army for a long time, but when you only do one weekend a month it's like not being in very long)


Sally Twit
Well I've been in the same job for more than six years so I can't really answer the question directly.
However, a lot of friends I've made at work have moved on and while most of them didn't keep in touch, a select few always did.
It's nice to catch up and talk about the old times. And they're always asking me for gossip.


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I can't really hang out with them considering they live in New York, and I live in Minnesota, but I still talk online with my old coworkers from the nursing home. I really miss how well we all functioned as a unit, because we all had very compatible personalities. Just the right amount of depraved humor and quit-witted conversation, coupled with people that actually cared about their jobs.


yellow 4!
No, I don't talk to any of the people I was friendly with whilst I worked on my year out from school.

I'm still in touch with one guy but I knew him before I worked there so it doesn't really count.

There were some really nice people there so I don't know why I didn't, but meh. :dunno:


I don't really keep in touch with my old-coworkers. Once in a blue moon we might talk on the phone but that's about it. There's is only one co-work I keep in tough with, but we don't get to talk that often.


still nobody's bitch
One of my best friends is a former co-worker, and I have a few other former co-workers whom I consider friends but we don't hang out all that often.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
All my best friends were co-workers of mine, so yes I do still hang out with some of my old co-workers and often. Then there's this other guy that I used to work with at a retail store, he got me my current Government job so I'm really happy that we still spoke after he left. He's also a really good friend of mine, so not really surprised we kept in touch.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I am the worst at this stuff. Like, even if it's someone who I became very good friends with I always seem to slack off in keeping in touch.

I suppose there are a few. A friend of mine who now works up in Milwaukee...I do talk to her and see her on occasion. And I guess there are a couple others but the fact is I should do my part to stay in better touch.