Movies Steven Seagal: Hard Motha', or Pathetic Poof?

Steven Seagal: Wimp, or Hard B*stard?

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Steven Seagal: Is he a tough guy, or is he really a wimp?


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Who cares if he has a ponytail? Did anyone fuck with him? No one who lived, that's for sure.


Sultan of Swat
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Stevan Seagal is a tough motha, just look at his movies and you'll see for yourself, I wouldn't mess with him that's for sure, and there's a lot of other people that wouldn't mess with him because they know they'll get hurt.


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I don't respect him as much since the characters he plays in every movie became identical. I wouldn't want to fight him by any means, but in his later movies he just doesn't come across as the skillful fighter he projected in his early movies.