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The arbitrator's verdict on Steve McNair's decision won't be nearly as interesting as the fallout.

Now that the arbitrator has ruled that the Titans cannot bar McNair from their offseason workouts, it should create quite the awkward situation when the veteran Pro Bowl quarterback shows up for work, as early as Thursday, June 1. McNair would be reporting back to the building from which he was barred, to a team that gave him permission to reach a contract agreement with the Baltimore Ravens, to be around men that testified against him in his grievance in mid-May. Weird.

Steve McNair's victory in his grievance could cause awkward moments at Titans headquarters.
But by reporting to work Thursday or whenever he does, McNair will be forcing the Titans' hand to make a move. Chances are, trade talks between Tennessee and Baltimore should be jumpstarted sometime soon -- and a deal should be consummated not long thereafter.

The Titans still could make an effort to keep McNair, but nobody who has followed the situation is expecting it to work out. McNair is interested in moving on, and so is a certain segment of the Titans organization that already has explored the possibility of bringing in former Oakland quarterback Kerry Collins.

During the offseason, Collins considered retirement, and still might. But if the Titans could put together a lucrative enough package, then Collins could be enticed to play another season, which would give Tennessee another veteran quarterback presence and allow the Titans to continue grooming their first-round pick, Vince Young. But Wednesday's decision was simply the first domino to fall. Now come all the rest.

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If the Titans still want McNair they need to leave him alone and let him do his thing.
If the Ravens want McNair they need to start pressing for deals NOW.

Good ruling by the arbitrary judge, thats unfair what the team was trying to do.