Steve McNair Skeleton's Removed.


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Nothing says Halloween like the fake skeleton of an NFL quarterback murdered by his mistress. At least that was the initial opinion of King's Island Amusement Park -- because, as part of their Halloween Haunt show, a skeleton depicting Steve McNair wearing a No. 9 jersey and holding a Titans helmet with the top blown off was on display, an apparent reference to the two bullet wounds McNair suffered on the night he died. As if that weren't enough, a skeleton depiction of Sahel Kazemi, McNair's 20-year old mistress who Nashville police have said murdered the football star in the early morning hours of July 4, 2009, lies across the McNair skeleton's lap, wearing a piece of slinky red lingerie.

That's fucked up IMO.. and most of you will probably agree. What the fuck were they thinking?


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Why would any person ever think this would be a good idea? Its not funny and its not smart.

Its fucking stupid.


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I don't know why anyone would even think of doing something like this, the worst is they actually did it which is extremely stupid, hopefully no one goes to his amusement park for this stupid act.


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yeah, its not tasteful, its not intelligent, and what makes it even worse is it doesnt even look like they gave any effort to do it. They could have at least put some more effort into the damn thing.