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Steve Kerr Going to the Warriors


Registered Member
5 yr/ $25 million for Kerr. He's going to the Warriors. I already ranted about this on Twitter (@knickstape2107) and I dont feel like repeating myself. I will say this, though: It was a bad move on Kerr's part. Im not saying he'll fail, but with no coaching experience at all, he could've benefitted from Phil Jackson's great knowledge.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I am very enthusiastic that Kerr will be a coach who can lead the Ws deeper into the playoffs. He's a guy who's played in the league, won, and played for tow of the greatest coaches while still keeping a modest ego. He was a GM for several years already. He was ready to be a head coach.


Registered Member
I wish Kerr the best, but if they got rid of Mark Jackson after a couple of great seasons, how long will Kerr have if he doesn't take the team deep in the playoffs? Yes he has experience as a GM and played in the league for years, but he needs to win or that 5 year deal won't be finished
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