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Steve Jobs & Bill Gates


aka ginger warlock
I am currently watching "Pirates of Silicon Valley" which I intend to put a review up for on the film forum as soon as I am done watching it. Now it is not my intention to start a flame war or bring out arguments of "Mac vs PC", whatever type of computer you use great, it's what works for you but I do wonder what Steve's relationship with Bill's was and is now like.

I have seen youtube clips of when they started working with each other and the film even starts showing when Steve and Bill joined forces and people shouting "don't do it" and "this will be the death of Apple".

Obviously the only people that will ever really know what the relationship between the two is like but them but based on the history and what we see now what kind of a relationship do you think they have? Do you think they physically hate each other or admire each other but wouldn't go to dinner?


New Member
I suppose both of them admire each other but one thing is true is that they will definitely wouldn't be going for the dinner since they are having the same business and its not possible for one to stay together.


Registered Member
well, they are rivals in the Computer world. but i think they both look up to each other for ideas etc.