TV Steve Carell in 1989 Chicken Commercial

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    Not only is his acting the same, but the guy hasn't aged a bit!

    YouTube - Steve Carell in 1989 Brown's Chicken TV commercial

    He did this commercial when he was a nobody, but apparently people liked it enough and he started to get other jobs. :D

    Here are some others:

    Leonardo DiCaprio in a bubble gum commercial:

    YouTube - Leonardo dicaprio bubble yum commercial

    Brad Pitt in a Pringles commercial:

    YouTube - TV Commercial for Pringles with Brad Pitt by Lawrence Bridges

    Seth Green in a NERF gun commercial:

    YouTube - Seth Green Nerf

    Elijah Wood Pizza Hut commercial:

    YouTube - Elijah Wood Pizza Hut Commercial

    Jodie Foster in a Crest commercial:

    YouTube - P&G Crest Toothpaste w/ Jodie Foster

    John Travolta in a shampoo commercial:


    Bruce Willis in a Seagrams commercial:

    YouTube - Bruce Willis Seagrams Commercial (Singing on Porch)

    I found all of these here and others. - Before They Were Famous
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    I can't view Youtube videos at work, so I'm not really sure if this one works or not. But in this video you have Carlton Banks from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, pretending to be Michael Jackson in a Pepsi commericial. It's always been one of my favorites.

    YouTube - Michael Jackson & Carlton Banks
  3. icegoat63

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    Dude little Carlton was rocking the socks off that moon walk :hah:

    I think my favorite from the OP was the Steve Carrell one. It is funny to see that he really hasnt changed.

    One of the coolest things though is that this shows that these actors didnt just jump straight into big Careers. That it takes hard work and small roles like these to keep food on the table. You gotta work the trenches before you can work behind the benches.

    Crazy to think what Commercial actors today will be the Stars of tomorrow?
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    I lol'd at Seth Green's hair.

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