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Steve Austin (April 29, 2007)


The upcoming May issue of the WWE Magazine will feature Stone Cold Steve Austin. He delivers the dish on Hollywood, beer and his new movie The Condemned.

Steve Austin claims that Hollywood has ignored professional wrestling as a potential launching platform and that it will be surprised by the box-office performance of The Condemned, which opened up over the weekend. Austin, who stars in the film, told Thursday's San Francisco Chronicle: "I come with a built-in, hard-core audience. ... That's one thing Hollywood doesn't understand here. Wrestling isn't just a couple guys beating each other up. ... It's bigger than that. It's a violent Broadway show, with a worldwide audience fan base. There are hardcore wrestling fans who will come out to see us, and then there are hardcore Stone Cold fans." Austin told the Chronicle that Hollywood executives have frequently questioned whether his stardom in the wrestling ring could translate onto the screen. "I hold [ticket sales] records that won't ever be broken, pay-per-view, arenas. ... I got fans worldwide. ... Guys who go to the top in this business aren't stupid. Dummies don't make lots of money."


#1 Spammer of FC
I read the issue of the magazine and it was good but not as good as some of the prevous copies that I've read in the past. But its true I think that he should have been given a movie deal before.