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Do you like Stephen King's books? Which is your favorite? How many have you read?


I'm currently reading Pet Sematary. I'm about halfway through and so far I'm not all that impressed.

The cat has come back to life, but it doesn't seem scary. The scariest thing so far is the (presumed) Wendigo that Louis and Jud met on the way to the Micmac burial grounds.

I've read most of his earlier novels, some were complete shite (The Tommyknockers) and some I read over and over (The Stand). My absolute favorite, in fact it's in my top five all time favorite books, is The Stand. I also love Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption. 'Salems Lot is a good one to dust off this time of year, especially now that vampires seem to be popular.


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My god, I LOVE IT. Absolutely great book. I loved the SHawshank Redemption as well. I'm reading the Dark Tower series, I just finished the Gunslinger, great book as well. Its up their with IT. All great books. I like to think of him as the best Author of the second half of the Twentieth Century


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I've never been big on Stephen King. He's alright but I dunno, my all time favorite scarefest author is and will always be Edgar Allen Poe.

If I had to choose, i think "Thinner" was probably my favorite Stephen King book. THe movie sucked though :hah:
King is easily my favorite author. I am a huge fan of his short stories and own two of his collections (Everything's Eventual and Just After Sunset). I've also read quite a few of his books, currently in the middle of From A Buick 8 and Cell, with On Writing and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon probably being my favorite books he's written. I tend to avoid movies based on his writing, because they normally aren't anywhere near as good as the story, with the exceptions of The Mist, 1408, The Shawshank Redemption & Stand By Me.

I eventually want to crack into The Dark Tower series.
Oh, I also enjoyed The Green Mile and Secret Window, those didn't suck. Ha.

I think I might also read Ur, new Stephen King stuff is always good.
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He's one of the most curious authors to me because like others have pointed out, some of his novels are utter dogshit while some of them are just glowing with brilliance.

It's hard to understand.


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My uncle bought me Duma Key last year, and I was surprised that it was a decent read, having never read anything of King's before. I think I might have to check more of his stuff out.
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I'm about 75 pages into Cell and I think it's pretty damn good. A nice take on the zombie genre. Hopefully it continues to get better.
I'm at page 159 and it seems to be heading in a different direction than the zombie one I previously had thought, it's different, but I don't hate the current direction.
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