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Stephen Colbert is officially running for president, 2008!


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Stephen Colbert is officially running for president in 2008. Well, at least according to "The Colbert Report" on Comedy Central tonight. He is running as a Republican.. and a Democrat, in order to win the votes of both parties. It would seem that he is simply entertaining an audience with such "news" but, it raises some interesting questions, or possibilities rather. Not to mention a very interesting non-sarcastic article the AP ran an hour ago:

The Associated Press: Stephen Colbert to Run for President

Of course his official site had nothing on the presidential bid reports:

Comedy Central: Shows - The Colbert Report

If he was truly running it would be interesting to see what % of the population would vote for him. I think we might be surprised. It could be like a real life "Man of the Year" with Stephen Colbert instead of Robin Williams. That would actually be pretty funny...

He'll probably carry the "news" into at least a few more shows before a heartfelt "concession speech." He's a pretty funny guy and his show is almost always up to par with the best of them.

Sometimes I wonder which celebrities could actually make it into elected offices if they went for it. Arnold Schwarzenegger has obviously done well in California. I wonder who else could get into a government office if they tried?


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I'm just glad to see some excitement show up. I try to keep up with the race and everyone in the running is just dull. Try watching a debate if you have trouble sleeping.

Colbert is such a funny guy. This will be fun to watch.


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I'm actually sad that it's a joke, because I'd register just to vote for him.

Why? He's different.


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Ya, it would be sweet if he actually ran for office. I can definitely see him giving a "heartfelt concession speech". Anyone see the show when he made fun of Hillary?


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I'm not really sure if he would make a good president or not, he is a funny guy and all, but that's what I'm worried about, a president who isn't serious about being president.


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Saw his most recent show and nobody is really sure if he is really running or not. Apparently the election people are going crazy in S.C. because they don't know if its for real.

On his show, he announced that he is being sponsored by Doritos. The funny thing is you know that Doritos really did pay quite a bit to be advertised on teh show. He did the whole, "I just love the zesty, cheesy taste of Nacho Cheese Doritos". He really went all out for it. and it was sooo funny.

HE is also trying to run on the Republican and Democratic tickets for his state of S.C.
In order to be on the ballot he has pay $2,500, or get 3,000 signatures. Of course he put a file on his website for people to print off and sign and send in.

He could also be in some trouble with the law if he is joking. He may be breaking certain laws
He's also holding a presidential rally tomorrow. it will be funny to see how that turns out lol
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Stephen Colbert is officially done running for president.

The South Carolina Democratic Party voted Thursday to keep Stephen Colbert off of the Democratic Primary ballot.

"The party's executive council met Thursday afternoon in Columbia to decide which candidates met the criteria to be placed on the ballot, and Colbert didn't make the cut." CNN.com

He also isn't going to be running for the Republican party ballot because of the $35,000 fee.