Stephanie McMahon


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I think she's really annoying, I've never been a fan of hers, and it's really hard to take her seriously. Hopefully she won't be on television for a long time. But with the current Orton/McMahon feud I don't see that happening.

Thoughts on Stephanie McMahon.


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I agree. Her voice always annoyed the hell out of me. She was fine when she didn't talk and didn't make appearances..... lol


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I wouldn't go so far as to say i hate her, or even dislike her that much. I enjoyed her in the McMahon/Helmsley era, she played the role she had really well, but the position of general manager doesn't suit her. Like you say, it is hard to take her seriously. And i especially don't think she'll be able to play a face general manager (which it seems she's going to be with this whole Orton feud) i much rather her as a heel.


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I've always found her to be attractive, which is a plus for this kind of work. Triple H I bow to thee.

As to her in storylines. She works best as a heel. She just has so much confidence that for the sake of story it comes across as cocky and powerful.


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Agreed Turbo...

Back in the Alliance Days I sware to God I wanted to kill her because her voice was so damn annoying. And that's a credit to her to get that kind of heat. She's a natural heel IMO. Shane can do either.


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To me she is really attractive, but since she is a Mchmahon she will always remain in the loop whether at the back of the set, or in front of the cameras.

She plays a good bad guy, but as a good guy she fails.