Step right in and say hello...


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Yeah another newbie hits the slopes..
I just thought I'd follow suit and say hello everyone..
Hope you are all as friendly as I've been reading so far.. sounds like a fun place to be and meet a few new people.
Can never have too many friends, even though most of us will be just aquaintances.. strangers are only friends we have never met..
So.. Step on up and introduce yaselves..

ok too forward??




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Welcome, tell us about some of your interest. What you enjoy doing in your free time.

I'm the local drunk sports nut of these forums, so don't mind me.


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#4 goes...

*Stands up*

...Hello name's Chaos and....I'm a GeneralForum addict. :melodramatic:

Haha, welcome to GF, sugz!! :D It's a really great place to be and I'm sure you'll be as addicted as the rest of us in no time. ;) Make sure you stick around and have fun!!

Why don't you tell us more about yourself? What are your hobbies? Do you like music?

Spill the beans! :p



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haha sweet as, so, whats a drunk sports nut act like??? LOL

Well I do heaps online lately.. trying to create some work for myself online so I can quit my job haha

Horseriding, Equine education & Instructor.
Work for meat processing plant no not horses thats just wrong!!!
Write novels, paint on canvas, crafty of all kinds of stuff. (trying to keep things eemly here cos I have too many friends who swear even in boards, so I promise to be polite hehe)
I have a 20 1/2yo son (21 in jan) an 14 1/2yo daughter who wants to be a model an I think she will.
I like going for coffee's with friends, making money online and spending it online hehe


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thanks twitch.. i just gave one of those away a few weeks ago.. am hoping you never got it cos umm, it wasn't a good one ;)


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woohoo one stood up and hey, what better to do that than a bit of chaos haha

if I could throw out gold stars ya'd prob get one.. but then it might hurt so, we'll stick with hiya ;)

well as I blurted before in reply to (scrolls up) babe ruth.. got lots of things I's likes to do, an yeah I likes moosick.. an lots of it, but depends on the day as to what kind I like at the time..

Oh I reckon i've been addicted to the boards since I put my first poota together in 2000 LOL
There will be days ya's all have to miss me tho, cos I kinda turn this thing off sometimes, only when I sleep or leave the house tho haha

what you lot into? yes all of you???
theres only so many boards I can squeeze into at one time.. but I'll work on making the gaps bigger hehe