Movies Step Brothers: Will they EVER grow up?


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Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly...

Uh oh..

Apple - Trailers - Step Brothers

The picture on the trailer page is hilarious. I mean wow...

The trailer itself doesn't really do much for me. It does have a few funny parts but it's starting to seem like Will Ferrell is making a new movie every month.

He's in some good stuff now and then though so maybe this will be a hit instead of a miss.


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All I needed to see was Will Ferrell to know that I wouldn't like it.

Anything he did after SNL was terrible.


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I'm not a huge fan on Will Ferrell, but I do enjoy some of his movies. He's hit or miss for me. He could make a movie that is simply hilarious like Talladega Nights, or he can make a crappy movie like Old School.

Step Brothers looks pretty funny, I don't really like John C Reily, the only thing I liked him from was Days of Thunder. But it looks pretty funny and I'll probably end up seeing it.


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Saw this trailer for the first time today. Will Ferrell always cracks me up and this looks pretty damn hilarious. I'll definitely be catching this in the theater.