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stem cell research


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stem cell research..... it is possible to study stem cell research with umbilical cords, it is a fact, but it cost like 5,000 dollars to freeze the cord??? They say it can be used to grow skin back cure certain cancers and potentially grow back missing limbs.... Now i don't know but, weren't they paying people to use their eggs, and fetuses to do research??? And isn't that why they stopped, because they ran out of funding? I wouldn't mind donating the cord, if it means that we could solve these problems and it would cut back on the funding to do so. So why is it costing us now?


still nobody's bitch
Embryonic stem cells have the most potential for research because they have the potential to become any type of cell. I'm not sure if this is true of umbilical stem cells. The funding is necessary because research scientists need to be paid, research labs have overhead costs, etc.


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I understand they need to be paid. Why use funding to buy embryo when you can use the funding to pay wages or hire more scientists? Why charge 1,500 to freeze the umbilical cord for you baby? It's because it's government controlled and now that they know how to manipulate cells, they are charging people to use the benefits or their research instead of extending it!