Stem Cell Contacts Cure Blindness


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Here's something that people with poor or no vision will be excited about: three patients had their sight restored in less than a month by contact lenses cultured with stem cells. All three patients were blind in one eye. The researchers extracted stem cells from their working eyes, cultured them in contact lenses for 10 days, and gave them to the patients. Within 10 to 14 days of use, the stem cells began recolonizing and repairing the cornea.

Of the three patients, two were legally blind but can now read the big letters on an eye chart, while the third, who could previously read the top few rows of the chart, is now able to pass the vision test for a driver's license. The research team isn't getting over excited, still remaining unsure as to whether the correction will remain stable, but the fact that the three test patients have been enjoying restored sight for the last 18 months is definitely encouraging. The simplicity and low cost of the technique also means that it could be carried out in poorer countries.​
Gizmodo - Stem Cell Contact Lenses Cure Blindness in Less Than a Month - Stem Cells

Results, my friends, results! This cheap method means that typical causes of blindness may no longer affect anyone, even in poor, developing countries.


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This is one of the few things I actually stand with the Democrats on.

Stem cell research and a breakthrough like this could cure so much. This is just eye repair, but I've heard if they unleash it's full potential the human life expectancy would grow into the 100's. The reason being, failing organs could be replaced or repaired... a few days at home recovering and you are back to yourself again.

This is truly amazing though.


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Oh wow! Now that's marvelous news! And it's good to know that it's been almost two years and the correction remains stable. I'm looking forward to reading what else can stem cell research and results provide.
"Omg why are you killing fetuses." I'm tired of people saying that. There are more ways to get stem cells such as from your umbilical cord and bone marrow.


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That is amazing news and another great step with the research, I support it 100% because of reasons like this.


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I really can't understand how people could possibly oppose stem cell research, with fantastic stories like this.

Between stem cell research and nanotechnology, i can pretty much do whatever i want to my body while i'm young without any future repercussions! :p


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Wow, When I started to read this I thought it was about plant stems lol. I had no idea this could be done and it's one of those mirical things in my eyes I think.