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PC Games Steam - Jackbox Party Pack


Well-Known Member
Anyone ever play the Jackbox Party pack games on Steam? You need a cheap laptop and smart phones to play, that's it.

Fibbage 2
Fibbage 3
Quiplash XL
Survive the Internet

Lots of different Jackbox game packs on Steam and for what you get I think they're really cheap.

They're party style games that can be played on your computer or you put up on your TV with a computer as it requires Steam. They're really well done and the experience is rather seamless. They range anywhere from 4-16 players so depending on what you play they can be really fun.

Everyone plays and interacts with the game using either a laptop or their cell phone.

With all the social distancing happening, we've been streaming the games over zoom and playing with family and friends. We've figured out how to make it work well and have been able to enjoy playing games like this.


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Oh this sounds like a neat idea! I have it for the PS4 and played it several times when hosting house parties, or played it at friends houses when we would have a large group. The Murder House is my favorite game for sure, I'll give the computer version a look see.
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