Steam Holiday Sale (pick up your game)

The Steam Holiday Sale

Just a reminder for the final day of Steam holiday sale.

LFD2 - $33
GTAIV - $8
BioShock - $5
Killing ZOne - $5
Stalker - $2
Touchlight - $4

Didn't want to spam the gaming section with this, just dumped it here.

Some great deals for some great games. woot~
Diablo fans waiting for #3 should get Torchlight. It's pretty damn fun.
I was thinking about getting it for the price, however is it better than Diablo? I checked out a few YouTube videos and... I'm not convinced, yet. Need to do some more research, I suppose. haha


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Shouldn't matter if it's better or not, it's still pretty fun.

There is one thing it does better, and that's inventory management. Specifically, having to go back to town to sell your shit when you're full. Instead of having items taking up a certain amount of inventory space, all items take up a single slot in your inventory. When you do end up having to head back, you don't actually have to. You have alongside you a pet who fights with you, can carry as much as you, and can be told to head back to town to sell off your gear (exactly how, I'm not sure...). The result is that you can pack its inventory of all the shit you don't want, tell it to go sell them when it's full, wait around 30 seconds, and instant gold!

*EDIT* God-fucking-damnit, my cat's fucking me over on the gold!
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Lame~ the sale is already over. On my screen it said another 8 hours. o_O;

kk -- thanks for info. Didn't pick it up this go-round.