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PC Games Steam Accounts


I would love to add some more friends to my Steam account. You can add me at twisted_dragonn or leave your account and I'll add you some time. That's if you want to of course. I love being able to see what games people are playing etc.


AKA Ass-Bandit
My account is storm_strife. I don't actually play Steam games as often as I used to, but if anyone wants to play some L4D (only the first one, sorry), TF2, maybe some Alien Swarm, give me a shout.
Er, Crouton? According to Steam, no one exists by that username...
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Sorry about that, I always get confused about which Steam name you need to add people. But I added you by your account anyway.


New Member
I added that username but nothing has happened so far.


viLky for me.

While I enjoy Steam, a lot of the games I play are usually not connected to them (Dragonica, Fiesta Online, ect..). Those good ol' MMORPGs. I also don't have a lot of games that we can play together... just Borderlands. So... yeah. ^.~

Add me anyways!
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