Stealth Bird, Friday July 21st 2006

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Stealth Bird is the primary pick as your aid against burn. People will tend to use Stealth bird over a few other anti burn picks for a few reasons. These reasons can be found below:

1)It is a dark so you can still get food for chaos.
2)If comboed with Return From THe Different Dimension it can stay by using it's effect to keep if face down.
3)It's searchable with Mystic Tomato
4)It gets under Gravity Bind, Messenger Of Peace, and Level Limit - Area B

Basicly this card is one of the better picks to have in your side deck. If you play any form of Chaos I recommand you side a few of these. If you play Mystic Tomato in your main or side then I can not help but stress the importance of side decking at least one.

With that said I hope you take the time to reconsider playing this little bird.

Traditional: 2.5-5
Advanced: 3-5
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