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needs practice
I was accused of stealing a measly $38 from the food and beverage drawer from my job today.

I didn't do it! I didn't even count the drawer down, I just filed the bank deposit for it.

My boss had sorta "tested" me I guess by putting in a green fee at the F&B computer, which made the draw off by $38. This morning he took it out and still saw the drawer was missing by that much. He called me this morning asking me 'do you have anything to tell me'.

But I DIDN'T steal it! A random 38? All the evidence points to me and his 1st assistant (who actually counted the drawer), but I was the last one with the deposit money...but I didn't do it.

I haven't even worked here 2 weeks :(
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That sucks! D:< How did you explain it to your boss?

Thats why I hate dealing with money...


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What a drag! So what's going to happen now? Is there some kind of legal help you can get?


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That's rough.

The fact that it's only 38 dollars doesn't matter, because someone who would steal once would likely do so again (plus it makes more sense to steal small amounts multiple times - you're more likely to get away with it).

I don't understand what this "green fee" is...?


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Were there security cameras in place? Just tell them to watch the feed.


needs practice
My boss called me again that morning, found the cash in another food and beverage drawer and apologized.

I was so scared, cause I had no idea where it was LOL. DANG felt good to get off the hook, didn't want to get fired for NOT even doing anything wrong.

A green fee is how much it costs to play a round of golf at a particular time of day, Wade.


My boss called me again that morning, found the cash in another food and beverage drawer and apologized.
Whoa... what luck. Your situation reminded me of the dude in Malcolm in the Middle where some dude at his job was snatching cash out of the register while trying to pin it on the new guy (him). I'm glad you lucked out and everything was straightened out.

On the plus side you can now jack cash from your work and just tell the manager he/she was wrong the first time what makes him/her think she/he isn't wrong again? :devil:

I'm just kidding, don't do that!
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That's like £23 for a green fee.
Not a bad price at all that isn't.
Anywho, glad you managed to resolve the issue. It's even nicer that you've been apologised to over this, some firms won't do that, and expect you to understand their probe. So to speak.

Theft is awkward in a work place. It's pretty strict where I work. You'd be sacked if you stole even the most menial amount, and in the end it just isn't worth it. Such a thing has never entered my head, although we have had a few that have stolen before - and were subsequently sacked.
Which was properly stupid of the people doing it, since I work in a petrol station, and there's CCTV everywhere. It's a risk not worth taking.
I mean, if someone got sacked over actually stealing though, no matter the amount, I can totally understand the reason for sacking. It's like abusing the trust of your employer, sort of. Even if there's a good reason for you doing it, even if your employer is a multi-millionaire, it still isn't on, and won't be looked upon lightly by your employer. Theft is theft.
And in our game, the tills and that account for every single penny, so they know if somethings gone somewhere it shouldn't.

It's cool that you didn't get hammered for this, since you didn't do anything wrong. That sorta accusation would properly worry me.


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I had something like that happen to me the other day. They were missing roughly $120 and my boss called me at home, being kind of snippy saying they'd find the person on camera....later she calls back and said it was in a drawer.


I always refuse to run register for that reason and I don't ever want to see a gun in my face either.

I work in a grocery store and of all the stealing that happens the customer is responsible for at least 90% of it.