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I'm sure it's happened, but how many of you have had your stuff stolen? Personally, it boils me. A lot. It's one of the reasons I stopped playing. No matter the precautions, someone always took my cards. It pissed me off. I almost got in trouble, too.

Some kid lifted an Imperial Order from my folder and I half-caught him. I noticed it was missing and put my stuff back in my bag. A few minutes later, and very pissed off, I saw a kid trading away an Imperial Order in a sleeve only I used. I threw him up against the wall, pulled the card out of his hand, and told him I'd make sure that he was arrested the next time he stole any of my shit.

A bit over the top? I don't think so. ALL thieves are cowards and they need to be put in their places. Tell you one thing, that little shit never showed his face around our tournament again.

So, similar experiences?


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Well I dont know exactly who did it but I went to a sneak preview and I went there with 2 E-hero Flamewingman and I didnt do any trading but I came back with 1 E-hero Flamewingman? my only idea was that someone lifted it. I traded hard to get it and I was pissed off because that was when it was only out in TLM


Nope, but I keep saying that things like that are why the phrase and action of "ass-kicking" were invented. If someone takes what's yours, you give them a free boot ride.


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Right after FET hit I went to my local store to hang. I had bought 2 boxes of FET and was very proud to show off the Ultra and Ultimate Phoenix I popped. Later in the day someone was looking through my binder and I noticed the Ultra was missing. Couldn't pinpoint a thief and the guy running the store forgot to turn on the security cam.


I remember back in the days of the Mall Tours, I was running a noobish dragon deck (i was like 10). I had all the major cards from LOD like Tyrant and Yamata dragon. I also ran a Yata in my deck. There was this guy selling MFC packs (they weren't released yet), so I went over to him with my bag, I set it down next to me to buy some packs, and when I looked behind me, my back pack was open with my commons all spilling out into a store. The person at the store luckiy caught him with my deck.

He was like 20ish looking, and the cops took him away.


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I had a similair thing happen to me once. I was showing some little kids my cards. They wanted to be better and what not so I was all for it. Next thing I know my Mobius was missing.

About an hour later I caught up to them, and well lets just say they wont be stealing frome mea again.


Well its happened to me as well....At was someone I trusted.

Question, how can I handle this when I know the guy is a Pojo writer and has the ability to grind me and my team into the dust?


I've had one of the worst many can think of. When i was about 14 about a year of playing me and my family flew down to vegas to visit a realitive and so they can have fun. I brought my cards since they toldme there were tournments well i went to one and what happened shocked me. Someone stolemy entire binder. That had all my holos except the ones in my deck which even included a parrel rare jap Big SHeild Gardna. Some guy switched it with an empty binder that looked like mines and did it during the tournment when there wasn't aloud trading unless your elimated and i did found out who did it. It was some asshole that left early i came back every day asking if they seen him but he never came back. i nearly Gave up dueling selling all my holos to the store that were in my deck and selling most of my commons away untill i knew i couldn't just give up sometihng i loved to play. So i basicly Started back at Square Zero from then and had to rebuy most of my cards.


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I find it sad that stealing in this game just seems to be getting worse as the cards are getting better. The regional I attended with my team a few months back had a young kids book go missing and then found in the garbage in the bathroom with only his common tradeables left in it.

We all know that the cards have crazy prices connected to things made of cardboard; but stealing from a game that half the players are kids is nuts. Also, its key to keep your things on you or in view. As I stated on the board before, I am disabled and can't "protect" my cards well. However, I have a laptray that I take with me to duel on and when I'm not at my usual store I wedge my binder between my laptray and the table; so my binder doesn't move. At my usual store my binder goes behind the counter during tourny play.

Everyone know stealing is possible, but its a shame that it seems to be getting worse.


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#10 high school the Library let us duel in a spare study room they had during dinner and breaks, i thought it was cool so i went to have a look and some kids were dueling, everytime a decent card was played a guy looking over their shoulder would say 'i'm gonna steal that if you don't keep an eye on it'. Basically you couldn't have a decent field spread cause everyone feared a card would be nicked.

I was in french once and i let the guy next to me flick through my deck, i looked up to take note of something and flicked through my deck again when it was handed back cause something felt wrong. My Toon Blue Eyes was missing (my favorite card that's now under lock and key). I begged him to give it back and he sed the guy next to him had thrown it out of the window, so i got up, grabbed the guy by the neck and threatened to put his head through the glass if it was true. It turned out they just hid it from me to wind me up and gave it back, i stopped taking my deck to school after that.